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Follistatin 315

Follistatin 315

Studies on muscle tissue have shown that the Follistatin 315 peptide hormone is the best protein form. Follistatin 315 appears to have some intriguing health benefits. Scientists have discovered that this protein offers a variety of health benefits to humans, including increased muscle mass, stronger bones, improved fertility, and protection against cancer.


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What Exactly is Follistatin 315:

Follistatin is a glycoprotein, in other words, a protein-sugar compound. Researchers have found that Follistatin is mainly produced in the liver, but it can be found in nearly all body tissues, as evidenced by studies in rats and mice.

Follistatin is a protein that accumulates in damaged muscle tissue and helps the body grow new cells. Follistatin 315: is the most common type of follistatin that is found in the bloodstream. Again, muscle tissue is the primary target, so this may be the best follistatin supplement to use.




Among these peptides, effects are increased muscle mass and decreased body fat, and improved fertility, to name just a few. But, first, let’s look at some of follistatin 315’s effects.

Muscle Growth

One study showed that participants received either this peptide or a placebo during an eight-week trial while also participating in a weight-training regimen. Follistatin 315 tripled muscle growth by suppressing myostatin, according to the study results.

Epicatechin injections, which increase follistatin 315 levels, were found to increase people’s strength after just one week in another study.

Because this peptide is a new compound, there aren’t many human studies on it. Animal research, on the other hand, is extensive. According to one study, giving rodents follistatin 315 enhanced their muscle gain while simultaneously decreasing their body fat. In monkeys, the peptide has been shown to increase muscle mass and strength.

This peptide level enhancement has also been used to treat Sarcopenia, a muscle-wasting condition associated with old age. Follistatin 315 peptide injections into elderly mice every day increased overall muscle strength in the animals. When the same treatment was given to six human subjects, their grip strength improved after seven days.

Hair Growth

Researchers have confirmed the efficacy of this peptide as a treatment for baldness. Follistatin 315 was tested on men with male-pattern baldness and found to increase the number of hairs and the thickness of their hair after a single injection. In addition, one follistatin 315 hair loss treatment had long-lasting effects, lasting up to a year. However, more extensive studies are required before it can be concluded that the hormone peptide follistatin 315 effectively treats male-pattern baldness

Weight Loss

Unfortunately, the connection between this peptide and fat loss is poorly understood due to a lack of research. However, in two studies, mice with peptides burned more fat and had smaller fat cells, so it’s worth a shot. Even when mice were fed a high-calorie diet to make them fatter, the fat loss treatment, follistatin 315, still worked to aid in fat burning.


This peptide has a role in preventing the spread of certain viruses that can harm reproductive organs. In addition, studies show that this protein can increase the fertility of women who take it.

According to one study, increasing follistatin 315 levels during the third trimester of pregnancy was linked to healthy child delivery. Additionally, this peptide inhibits the action of activins, which are involved in a slew of reproductive health-related processes.

Follistatin 315 is abundant in male seminal fluid. However, it has yet to be proven that the amount of it affects sperm count. Follicilogenesis, the process by which the ovaries release eggs during ovulation, is aided by follistatin 315 in females.

It is common for follistatin 315 levels to fall during menopause, but these levels can be raised by taking a supplement that contains follistatin 315.


Follistatin 315 has been shown to reduce significantly joint inflammation and cartilage deterioration in studies done on arthritis-prone mice. However, while animal and cell studies are ongoing, no evidence exists to suggest that this peptide will have similar effects when administered to humans as there is at this time.

Follistatin 315, on the other hand, may be a promising anti-inflammatory drug if further clinical trials prove it.

Side Effects:

Research suggests this peptide may cause the following side effects:

  • After-workout bruising or soreness of muscles
  • Ankle, wrist, and elbow ligaments that are temporarily weakened
  • Muscle ache for a short time

Follistatin may have a damaging effect on certain types of cancer. In studies on cancer cells from the oesophagus, skin, and prostate, follistatin was found to act as a growth factor. This means that follistatin promotes the spread of these cancers and may even reduce the efficacy of chemotherapy.

Molar mass: 3470


Unit Quantity: 1 Vial

Appearance: White Powder

Peptide Purity: >99%


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