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The synthetic FOX04-DRI protein is a slight modification of the original FOX04 protein. The change extends the protein’s half-life, allowing it to disrupt normal FOX04 function. As a result, senescent cells can be eliminated, organ function improved, and tissue’s “biological age” is shortened thanks to FOX04-DRI. In addition to insulin signalling, FOX04-DRI impacts cell cycle control and oxidative stress signalling pathways. Furthermore, cell-penetrating peptide FOX04-DRI has been shown in animal studies to selectively induce apoptosis in geriatric cells, reversing the effects of the ageing process.


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What Exactly is FOX04-DRI:

Using FOXO4-DRI, an anti-ageing peptide, the p53 gene communication is cut off, resulting in senescent cells dying. Research suggests this peptide if further studied, could help people live longer and have healthier lives by reducing the number of senescent cells in their bodies.

Senescent cells: Cells enter senescence as you get older, which means they can no longer distribute or sustain the tissues to which they belong. Neighbouring cells become senescent as a result of the toxic chemical signals emitted by these ageing cells. When these cells are present, tissue function deteriorates, inflammation increases and cancer risk rises.

FOXO4 has been found to reduce the development of these harmful cells, according to studies. In essence, the FOXO4 hormone peptide can find and destroy senescent cells when given in sufficient quantities.

What is FOX04-DRI Known For?

The Anti-Ageing Effects of FOXO4-DRI

A wide range of factors influences ageing. However, cellular senescence, which is stimulated when your telomeres expire, is the primary cause.

When your cells divide, the DNA from your chromosomes is replicated in each new cell. This method, however, is riddled with flaws and ends up removing small amounts of DNA as a result. Fortunately, telomeres are on hand to save the very end of your chromosomes from extinction.

Telomeres are essentially a waste product of the genome. Up to 70 divisions are not uncommon for these things. However, if they run out, they send signals to the cells, causing the former healthy ones to become senescent.

Clinical trials have shown that FOX04 DRI is an effective treatment for halting the spread of these cells once they have started.

Efficacy of FOXO4-DRI in Promoting Hair Growth

According to research, genetic hair loss conditions like female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness may be helped by the FOXO4-DRI hormone. Through research, scientists have discovered that FOXO4 increases hair thickness and density by reducing the production of senescent cells. Mice given FOXo4 DRI for hair loss had thicker fur and less baldness, according to research.

Heart Disease and the FOXO4 DRI

The heart’s proteasome activity decreases with age, which raises your risk of cardiovascular disease. However, when the cell detects oxidized proteins and other malfunctioning proteins, proteasomes go to work removing them. According to rat research, age and proteasome activity are linked, resulting in higher levels of damaged proteins in the heart.

FOXO proteins greatly facilitate autophagy and proteasome activity. Increased FOX04 levels increase proteasome activity, which reduces oxidative stress and tissue damage. Scientists have concluded that FOXO4-DRI can increase the heart’s primary functions and reduce changes in cardiovascular roles associated with ageing.

Effects of FOXO4 on Neurodegeneration

As a result of these studies, researchers believe that FOXO4-DRI proteins may help treat and prevent neurodegenerative diseases. Additionally, researchers are hopeful that this peptide will slow the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are still poorly understood by medical professionals. As a result, more research into FOXO4 DRI results is needed by scientists to determine the peptide’s potential effects on patients and to ensure patient safety.

Though FOXO4-DRI’s effects on ageing-related conditions are promising, more research is needed before the supplement can be approved for human consumption.




It’s called FOXO4-DRI (forkhead box O4), and it works by selectively inducing cell death in old cells to counteract the ageing process in animals.

The FOXO4 gene has anti-ageing and tumour-suppressing properties in one package.

FOXO4-DRI is the most potent senolytic currently under investigation. As a result, older people who take this supplement may live longer and experience less cognitive decline.

Side Effects:

Research studies have shown that FOXO4 side effects are minimal when administered orally or subcutaneously in low doses in mice. However, only licensed researchers can currently purchase FOXO4 for educational and scientific purposes.

Formula: C228H388N86O64

Molar mass: 5358.05


Unit Quantity: 1 Vial

Appearance: White Powder

Peptide Purity: >99%


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