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FTPP (Adipotide)

FTPP (Adipotide)

Adipotide, also known as FTPP, is a potent fat-burning peptide. It aids in reducing body fat by going after the source of weight gain, the fat cells themselves.

FTPP attacks the vascular system of white adipose cells and shuts them down. Like all other cells in the body, fat cells perish if they are deprived of blood flow.


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What Exactly is FTPP (Adipotide):

FTPP (adipotide) is an experimental weight-loss treatment that research has shown to kill fat cells by cutting off their blood supply.

It shrinks the adipose tissue fat-supplying blood vessels and causes apoptosis when administered intravenously. FTPP Adipotide significantly reduces body weight in primates and rodents by speeding up the fat-elimination process. Due to its high affinity for two receptors, prohibitin and ANXA2, the compound targets fat cells directly.




According to the reviews, the compound adipotide has been shown in various studies to aid in weight loss. Other advantages of FTPP (adipotide) include:

  • People with diabetes may have reason to be hopeful now that this treatment reduces the drawbacks associated with diabetic health issues.
  • Research into adipotide has been shown to help lower blood sugar levels. In addition, since FTPP (adipotide) has no impact on the neurotransmitter, this peptide performs without inciting any psychological problems.
  • Adipotide has the ability to control water retention or loss depending on the body’s requirements.
  • The peptide can regulate blood pressure after hormone processing.
  • It has the potential to enhance the body’s ability to function.

Side Effects:

More research is required to ensure FTPP adipotide is safe and effective for human consumption. In addition, adipotide peptide was ineffective when tested on thin monkeys, suggesting that the peptide will stop working when specific body weight is reached.

Additional adverse effects that could be harmful include small kidney lesions and dehydration.

Further investigation is necessary on this peptide before being sold on the market for human consumption, but it could revolutionize weight loss treatment.

Formula: C111H204N36O28S2

Molar mass: 2555.22


Unit Quantity: 1 Vial

Appearance: White Powder

Peptide Purity: >99%

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