HGH Fragment 176-191

HGH Fragment 176-191 has many studies have been conducted on the peptide due to its fat-burning effects.


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What Exactly is HGH Fragment 176-191

Found at the C-terminal of HGH ( human growth hormone), HGH Fragment is a modified version of amino acids 176-191, giving it its name – HGH Fragment 176-191. Many studies have been conducted on the peptide due to its fat-burning effects. HGH Frag mimics how natural HGH regulated the metabolism. It does this without affecting blood sugar levels (insulin sensitivity) and muscle growth (cell proliferation). This is why HGH Fra 176-191 has become so popular in the world of peptides.

HGH Frag 176-191 increases lipolysis (fat breakdown) and inhibits lipogenesis, just like unmodified GH. When IGF-1 levels are elevated, the anti-ageing benefits of HGH fragments are enhanced.

What is HGH Fragment 176-191 Known For?

When combined with the fat-burning benefits of HGH, HGH fragment 176-191 avoids some of the other impacts of its parent protein, such as boosting IGF-1 levels and negatively influencing carbohydrate metabolism or enhancing long bone growth.

HGH Fragment improves lipolytic effect by directly affecting fatty tissue, mainly adipose fat cells. With HGH 176-191, the fat metabolism is accelerated. Therefore, it’s better suited for fat loss and obesity treatment.

Compared to a placebo, HGH Fragment 176-191 did not affect glucose tolerance, glucose levels, insulin sensitivity, or IGF-1 levels in one study. Thus, to conclude, it appears that the human growth hormone 176-191 fragment offers numerous of HGH’s benefits while avoiding its possible adverse consequences.

  • Massive fat-melting capacities
  • Inhibits lipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis.
  • Insulin sensitivity or IGF-1 levels are not affected.
  • For fat burning, HGH-Fragment can be more powerful than HGH.
  • More effective for weight loss than standard HGH
  • Energy levels are increased

Side Effects: 

Nausea, flushing, headaches and other adverse effects are possible.

Molecular Formula: C78H125N23O23S2

Molecular Weight: 1817.1

Physical Appearance: White lyophilised solid

Purity: >98%

Peptide Sequence: H-Tyr -Leu-Arg-lle-Va1-GIn-Cys-Arg-Ser-Va1-GIu-Gly-Ser-Cys-Gly-Phe-OH

Appearance: White Powder

Peptide Purity: >99%

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